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What Countries Have Little Public Access to Internet?

In this modern world, everything had become online starting from essential things till valuable purchase people use internet. All these made internet as a vital thing and moreover there are several business running by keeping internet as their main source. Even many people spend most of their time in online just by searching information, social media usage, shopping starts from dresses till food, travel bookings and many things. All these facilities made internet usage as essential thing in the world other than anything. At present, it came to a situation that is it is rare to find people without using smart phone and internet access. But in reality the internet usage is decided by the government still there are countries available where public internet access is limited or prohibited completely. In those countries internet access is completely controlled by the government of the country.

List of countries have least internet access:

Limited access or prohibition to internet usage by hearing this many people can wonder whether it is possible. But in real there are several countries available in the world with limited public internet access were some of the countries are prohibit internet usage by public. To reveal the suspense of true fact here are countries who have limited public access to internet are listed below.

  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • China
  • Myanmar
  • Ethiopia

Thus all above countries has limited public internet access in different ways each country follow different rules and terms for public internet access,

Iran: Iran remains to be lowest rated country for public internet freedom were government had banned millions of websites and blogs in country which are completely not used. Further government had created fake versions of the sites which made search engines to collapse. Thus Iran citizens do not have access to sensitive websites such as twitter, facebook and so.

Cuba: although the country improved lot still they have limited public access to internet by having poor internet connection speed in Americas. The main reason is free speech is highly prohibited in the country. People blogged in sensation way against government are made prisoner.

China: the country is mainly focused in reporting news which can give negative things towards the communist government so the internet usage is censored. They do not want to see any online articles which promote other countries this made them as a top most jailer for journalists.

Myanmar: media censorship still prevails in this country thus people are not allowed to get involved in any media action against state. If people do not follow then they would be made prisoner, 3 journalist and 2 publisher published article in online that has a sentence related defame the state they were prison for 2 years.

Ethiopia: the country has close internet monitoring with certain bloggers and journalist if any news related to government corruption or against government they were made prisoner. Moreover state owned ISP routinely blocks websites and blogs which are undermine the country.…