Fiber Optic Race US Vs. China

Fiber optic technology was modernized with wide range of light carrying capability through a smaller fiber, which will be lightly thicker than the hair. This technology compromises the services in an innumerable of applications in different segments in world wide. This movement of light is virtually poignant from telecommunication in space to illumination the ocean. This technology and development of application has been grown without any end in the prospect.

Formerly knowing the pluses and description of the application the important thing to know is what makes fiber optic technology outlook apart when it is compared to the conventional cabling system. In this semiconductor technology is played a very important role in the dramatic implementation where it has developed the necessary light sources, optical instruments and photo detectors which make it as a loftier conformist cable. This fiber optic in U.S. is very cheap, cost effective and it is conventional to use where there it won’t get any damage in it when it is compared to the fiber optic which is made in China.

Benefits of fiber optic

  • These optical fiber offers a less transmission failure and larger bandwidths for sending data in the form of light.
  • Due to its less weight and tiny dimensions, it is advantage when it is compared to the bulky copper and other cable systems.
  • It is dielectric in nature which is immune to environmental electromagnetic interference.
  • They are constructed from glass or plastic which offer to complete electric isolation.
  • This is very cost effective when it is compared to the other cable systems because there are lots of raw materials available to construct these fibers.

Advantage of fiber optic

  • It is non-conductive in nature since it is made of silica with several insulating protecting layers over it. Therefore, it acts as a resistive to lightning, degradation and rusting. Also this is suitable for submerged applications like swimming pool and spa illumination.
  • It eliminates spark and shocks where the electric signals are extremely dangerous in many applications due to the sparks, and creating electrical current can be a dangerous and accidental. This fiber optic is free from the problems where it does not carry current or any of the problems like this.
  • Installing fiber optic is very easy because conventional cables are thick, heavy and bulky which is very massive and very difficult to install but fiber optic is very thin, light flexible and easy to install in any location which can be framed into any object.
  • It is resistant to electromagnetic interference with most valuable quality of optical fiber in the telecommunication manufacturing. This intrusion is a type of noise which decreases the quality of signal.
  • The cabling technology has been enhanced in the manufacturing process to make optical fiber to the most secure and safe in means of communicating signals or light. Also it is secured in data transmission and safe to exploit in the light and high temperature solicitation.
  • It has high bandwidth to cover the extensive distances to carry the indicators at high speed or data rate which makes them to transfer the extensive distance without using any repeaters or amplifiers. This makes it ideal for online applications such as video games or dating sites and apps. Sites like Meet N Fuck which offer both dating and meetnfuck games benefit greatly from more effective internet for their users. This is only one example, but the implications are large for companies and individual users alike. These optic fibers can accomplish beyond the average range that means it is flexible, reliable, safe, secure, less prone to environmental hazards, easy to install and manage when it is compared to any other cable types.

Disadvantage of fiber optic

  • Fiber optical technology can be best in applied solution for many wiring applications where there is also some difficulties and disadvantages and requires some attention to overcome.
  • Fiber optic cables can be low cost but installation cost is high. Installation cost also requires the special tools and techniques which result in the augmentation of the overall expense.
  • It is sensitive and it should be handled with care because it is more fragile than other cables therefore pulling and bending should be handled carefully.
  • Fiber optics is opaque owing to continuous use which decreases the efficiency and life.
  • It requires a special skill to install the new technology and accessories i.e. skilled labor is requires to install the optic fiber cable also it is costly to install it.

Optic fiber in Area of uses

Therefore, there are advantages and disadvantages on the optical fiber system which serves as the basic implementing application for any cables. Since it has the lot of advantage there is a wider area of uses and installation of the fiber optic and the areas of uses are:

  • In military projects where it is very tough and it need to be secured in the use of military application therefore in this case fiber optic offers a high speed and greater band width in the areas like military.
  • It is used in wide range in smart highways, smart traffic lighting system and automated booths in transportation of technology.
  • It is used in the telecommunication sector where in global wide they are upgrading to optical fiber. Technologies which utilize to get advanced internet data of transmission speed, digitization of wired TV, large distance communication and computer networking.
  • This fiber optic is user friendly and most attractive application which is used to decoration and art lighting which also used to a large pools and spas.
  • Fiber optics lighting is pleasing it is safe lighting for pools and glowing. It is much safer there is no electric shock or danger from illumination even in under water. Due to latest color wheel and illumination it helps to create the different pattern and art through the fiber optic cables inside the water or pool.
  • Due to new technology these fiber optics make thousands of colors to flow along water in the fountain and also it can be implemented in the waterfall or pond.
  • The fiber optic cables can be utilized in the disco and casino which is used as the decorative element or lighting in the end glow or in side glow as well as it also can be used in the museum and malls for displaying the names, patterns and for illuminating glass objects.
  • Everything can be created and imagined with the lighting which is possible with the optical fiber technology.

These optic fiber cables are used beyond the coverage area of the practical use and it can be incorporated at any location also it is repairable, efficient in power and developing more green and it is eco-friendly in environment. This technology is more versatile and gives the uniqueness feature in all economical way and it gives the life time warranty in the specified areas.

The major difference between fiber optic in U.S. vs China is the thickness and the flexibility of the cables and also the cost. In U.S. it is made of quality cable system and it is little costly when compared to other cable but it has more life in other hand fiber optic in China is made little less quality and it is not too costly it is affordable in price and need to upgrade the cable after 20 years. This is the difference between optic fiber in U.S. and in China.

Why you need a fiber identifier and what it does for you?

Hope, you have seen a technician who working on the telephone jump box near to your house and you have observed that particular handheld phone like tool is used by the technicians to identify the incoming telephone wires by tapping on to the wires by listening to its tone. During installing the optic fiber network maintenance and restoration is very important to identify the wires passing through and install it without disturbing anything or services which already exist.

How does it work? for that you can find a slot on top of the fiber optic identifier where in that fiber test should be inserted in the slot then the fiber identifier performs a macro bend in the fiber through this …