What Is A Wireless Mesh Network?

A wireless mesh network is a wireless communication network connected by radio nodes. WMN refers to the connection between radio nodes and other electronic devices. It consists of gateways, mesh clients, and mesh routers.

Mesh clients are cell phones, laptops, and other wireless devices with internet facilities. In a mesh network, the connection between radio nodes and wireless devices connects and forms a single network known as a mesh cloud.

A mesh network is a very efficient and reliable network. It enables users to communicate directly through multiple nodes and devices. WMN can build itself and also heal itself simultaneously. A wireless mesh network can support different types of wireless technology.


A WMN is designed to provide low mobility to the users in a certain coverage area. It is designed to support interactions and communication networks through different devices and radio nodes. It is built with a wireless radio node and does not need to be wired through a cable port. Moreover, it is designed to transfer data through very large distances by dividing distances into several intervals.

A WMN is also known as a stable topology since it has a high level of traffic due to a large number of clients and users. All the data and services are transferred through a mesh router to a gateway.

In case the network system crashes due to a high number of clients and a high level of traffic, the network’s performance reduces. However, it can repair and re-construct itself once it gets the opportunity.


A WMN supports any type of device that has an internet connection. WMN transfers data from one device to another through different intervals until the data reaches its preferred location. To transfer the data from one device to the other, each mesh client needs to decide whether to keep the data or move it to the next device once they have received it. The application of this network ensures that the data takes the fastest route to reach its destination.

Pros of WMN

Some of the major advantages of a WMN are:

  • WMN has an easy level of scalability. This means WMN does not require extra routers. You can easily change and modify your network and automatically connect any device such as laptops, cell phones, or printers to the network.
  • A wireless mesh network is very resistant to problems and crashes. Whenever a radio node crashes, it can automatically use another node and complete the transfer without any issues.
  • The crashed radio node will also heal and repair itself automatically.
  • You can easily add a range to your wireless mesh network without facing any problem.
  • It easily connects radio nodes to any gateway so that the messages can easily pass through the remaining intervals of the network.
  • A WMN ensures to take the fastest route to deliver data or messages to its destination.

Cons of WMN

The disadvantages of a WMN are:

  • Every radio node in a WMN acquires tons of responsibilities. Therefore, these nodes also act as a mesh router apart from sending messages. Hence, it makes the system of the WMN more complicated.
  • Initially, setting up a wireless mesh network can be expensive as you might even need to buy extra equipment.

Should you have one in your home?

A mesh network provides vast network coverage, and its increased internet speed is very efficient. WMN is generally made for organizations and office buildings.

Setting up a mesh network can be expensive and complex even though they provide a large network coverage and high internet speed. Installing the WMN incorrectly could also lead to major problems and even damage the network’s security system. Hence, WMN is not significantly encouraged for personal use.


A WMN has a lot of advantages, and we can easily say that this network is efficient and it is very reliable. But we must also not forget to consider the cons of personal or home use.

Using a WMN for personal use may not be a major drawback of the network. However, this type of network is mainly made for offices and organizations.

The price of a WMN is also high, and installing the mesh network can be a complex job.…